The Residential Care Charter

Many residential care workers are poorly paid and poorly treated. So they struggle to make ends meet and struggle to provide quality care within a system in crisis. Yet their role is crucial for a civilised society to function.

UNISON, the leading representative for care workers in the UK, is campaigning for higher standards of care across all residential settings. Dignity and justice must be at the heart of a care system. Everyone in residential care deserves to be supported and properly looked after – irrespective of their wealth, age or disability. For this to happen, care workers must be valued.

Residential care workers across the UK came together to discuss the barriers that plague their sector and solutions that would enable them to provide dignified care.

UNISON’s Residential Care Charter is the outcome of this discussion. It sets out the minimum standards and employment conditions required to deliver decent care. Employment levels, pay, conditions and training directly impact the quality of care. A more stable, well-equipped workforce is essential to deliver high quality, consistent care.

Care workers urge councils, commissioners and providers in the voluntary and private sector to adopt the Residential Care Charter, which sets out solutions to raise the standard of care.

UNISON will campaign for decision makers to adopt the Charter and continue to call for adequate funding for social care.