In the last few years organisations and individuals across the UK have carried out research into the homecare system. From think tanks to trade unions to the Equality and Human Rights Commission, all agree that we urgently need to change our homecare system.

“Care workers are a committed but poorly paid and treated workforce which is doing its best to maintain good levels of quality care in a system that is in crisis.”

Suffering at home alone

A report on the lack of time homecare workers have with their clients. 

UNISON: Time to Care

“As publicly funded care continues to be squeezed, the danger is that the good providers are driven out and those providers that make a profit by exploiting their workers thrive. The price in poor care is paid for by the most frail and vulnerable in our community, and by the care workers they rely on, who get a raw deal.”

LGiU, the local democracy think tank: The Key to Care 

“Care Work is in crisis. People who may be vulnerable are not being treated with the care and attention they deserve. All too often, their only source of support, Care Workers, are exhausted, unable to plan their own lives through insecure contracts, and unable to spend enough quality time with the person in receipt of care.”

Baroness Denise Kingsmill CBE: The Kingsmill Review: Taking Care

“The social care support workforce dwarfs that of health…

These workforces are set to grow. There is an urgent need to acknowledge them, support them, and plan for them.”

The Cavendish Review

“The National Minimum Wage (NMW) is a right, not a privilege. And yet estimates suggest that between 160,000 and 220,000 direct care workers are likely to be being paid less than the legal minimum. This is nothing less than a national scandal, not only because it compounds an already poor employment situation for a significant minority of care workers but because NMW under-payment on this scale has an impact on the quality and dignity of care provided to older and disabled people who depend on social care services.”

Resolution Foundation: Does it pay to care? Under-payment of the National Minimum Wage in the social care sector

“Barely a week goes by without some news that calls into question how the existing care system can continue to meet the needs of society.”

Equality and Human Rights Commission: Close to home report