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Protecting and supporting residents

  • Employers will maintain adequate staff ratios, that enable quality care to be delivered. This must be care that extends beyond basic tasks and includes a social dimension.
  • Care workers, residents and families must be given information about how to raise concerns and protection if they decide it is necessary.
  • Employers will have clear and accountable procedures to follow up any concerns raised.
  • Care home providers will ensure all residents have ready access to any NHS services required.
  • Providers will carry out thorough risk assessments to ensure the safety of residents and care workers.
  • Employers will provide care workers with safe equipment.
  • Care workers will be given time to provide regular activities and effective forms of therapy for residents.

Training and support for employees

  • All care workers – including bank and relief staff – will be regularly trained to meet the needs of all residents, as set out in their care plans.
  • Training requirements will be met. Training must be free and carried out in work time, so cover staff must be arranged.
  • DVD and e-learning will be used to complement high quality, face-to-face learning. 

Decent pay for quality work

  • All residential care workers will be paid at least the Living Wage – as calculated by the Living Wage Foundation or Greater London Authority every November.
  • Councils which outsource employees on or above the Living Wage should ensure that new providers are required to maintain pay levels throughout the contract.
  • Extra payment will be made for working unsocial hours, including weekends and Bank Holidays.
  • Pay for sleep-ins must be at a level to ensure that the average hourly rate does not drop below the Living Wage.
  • Holiday periods must also be paid as if at work.
  • All care workers will be paid occupational sick pay.
  • Employers will pay for Disclosure and Barring Service checks.

Time to care

  • Zero hours contracts will not be used.
  • Care workers will be given adequate breaks during their working day.
  • Care workers will be paid for the time it takes to carry out a proper handover between shifts, which ensures safety and continuity of care for residents.
  • Rotas will be planned well in advance to ensure adequate staffing levels and allow planned, time off for employees.

Part of the union

  • Employers will recognise UNISON – negotiating pay and conditions with them and encouraging employees to join them.
  • UNISON representatives will be given adequate paid time for the required training.
  • Employers will provides opportunities for UNISON to meet members and employees as necessary.

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