The UK care system is in crisis. We are asking the government to Save Care Now by:

  • Investing additional resources into our homecare system so that it is properly funded, by carrying out a major review of exactly what funding the sector needs to become sustainable
  • Ensuring the standards set by UNISON’s Ethical Care Charter are made the basic mandatory standards whenever a council commissions its homecare services. You can do this by working in your parliamentary parties to push for legislation, and by talking to your own local council about signing the Charter in the meantime.
  • Giving the Care Quality Commission the power to inspect how all councils commission their care services, in order to help improve care standards. 
  • Ensuring staff are properly valued by society, with this reflected in improved pay, terms and conditions. This should begin with a whole-system approach of tackling the scandal of widespread non-payment of the National Minimum Wage in the homecare sector and a statutory requirement for employers to pay travel time.