"we need more time with the clients"

I only worked visiting elderly clients for a year but had experience working in care, I never got offered extra training due to this fact but was asked to do jobs that needed at least two people, given not enough travel time as I worked on foot and used buses.

The timescale given to assist someone to dress, wash offer breakfast and take medication was shocking: it varied between 15-30 mins. I know couldn't get ready in that time, why are expecting someone elderly or suffering with dementia to?

Lack of knowledge, training and support from the office is part of the problem, but we need more time with the clients. It's very easy to forget the social side of the job, having interactions with others during the day is far more important than how many clients can a company fit in 

I still work within the care sector but centre based; I've now had lots of training and gained experience in various care based skills.

I would love to work in home support but time is an issue and it would break my heart to not give my all.

- Anonymous care worker