"I felt totally frightened, let down, alone and vulnerable"

The first time I was faced with a convene, I did not know what to do. The client handed me a tube of adhesive and I kind of muddled my way through but it was very embarrassing for both myself and the client. The number of dementia and mental health cases has increased dramatically lately and whilst I have had basic training in dementia care, I have not had any in mental health and I have requested this many times but nothing happens. I have been to paranoid schizophrenics, been threatened with a knife twice, had no back up from management and felt totally frightened, let down, alone and vulnerable. Myself and my colleagues frequently ask to work in pairs for these clients, especially at night, and when working in rough areas but this is ignored. I was today (again) hit by a dementia client. Who cares about us carers? - Anonymous homecare worker.