"Their pay is far too low"

I am 62 years old and my experience is that my wife and carer has to do all my personal care. My legs are partially paralysed due to degeneration of my spine.

The main help I need is with my legs, lifting them up from my orthopaedic chair into my wheelchair and lifting my legs up from the bedroom floor and into the bed.

I understand from talking to home carers is that their pay is far too low, their work is too rushed for safety. Some carers have back to back appointments too far apart to be practical and I've been told some get paid 25p a mile which is a lot less than the volunteers get working for the Volunteers Bureaux. This has actually put me off applying for home care. I wouldn't want to have any of my care rushed because I am prone to falls and feel rushed care is unsafe care.

- Mr James ORourke, Northampton