"I am so grateful for the on-going help mum and I are having now"

At the end of November last year, my daughter who lives in Australia was diagnosed with breast cancer. Within eight days she was having surgery and desperately needing to see her mum...me. Now at the time I was looking after my mum who has dementia, as best I can… not easy working full time, but mum can still be at home on her own just now with help...she forgets whether she's eaten, taken her meds...what she did five minutes ago...or what you said…so she just needs prompting or helping to heat a meal etc.

I rang my doctors surgery and made an appointment asap, and the memory clinic, explaining that I needed help with my mum, why, and what I needed. They were great, a week later I was able to go support my daughter in Perth while she recovered from surgery and prepared herself for chemo... and my lovely mum even more confused but in good hands was looked after and supported while I was away.

I could not have done that without the help they gave, my daughter is doing well, and am so grateful for the on-going help mum and I are having now. At this stage we are coping. Thank you.

 - Anonymous